Film data

All film-related metadata used in Letterboxd, including actor, director and studio names, synopses, release dates, trailers and poster art is supplied by The Movie Database (TMDb).

TMDb logo

Letterboxd uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

To add missing films or correct inaccuracies for existing films, please use TMDb’s interface (you’ll need to create an account there too). Changes to film data on TMDb will be visible in Letterboxd within 30 hours.

Import shortcut

To import brand-new additions to TMDb immediately into Letterboxd, enter a URL in the following format (with the new ID) into your browser:

Replace the ID (27205 in the above example) with the ID of any new TMDb “movie” entry. Letterboxd will force a data import for films not already in our database, then redirect you to the film’s page. TV entries cannot be imported via this method, but Letterboxd crew can import limited and miniseries entries if requested.

If you spot duplicate pages for a single film on Letterboxd, use the Report function for the film (look for the flag icon near the running time on our website, or the relevant icon/​menu item in our apps) and we’ll merge them into a single entry, preserving the likes, reviews and other activity associated with each page.

Additional tools

Someone on X/Twitter created this bookmarklet to jump from an IMDb film page to the equivalent page on Letterboxd (if available). Open this Bookmarkify link, drag the bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar, then fire it on any IMDb film page to open the same film on Letterboxd.

Tyler Rosini created a Chrome extension to redirect from both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes pages directly to the same film’s page on Letterboxd.