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“The UK’s leading festival dedicated to classic cinema.” – Sight & Sound

Watershed's annual festival returns for its 7th edition to venues in and around Bristol from 26-30 July…


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In partnership with Noods Radio, this sold-out May Day special screening of The Blood on Satan's Claw at Watershed is accompanied with Maya Deren's short Witch's Cradle, rescored live by Tara Clerkin Trio!

This acts as a precursor for Watershed's May Sunday season Curses, Cults & Covens: The Birth of British Horror, running weekly from the 5th to 26th of May.

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A fantastic pop movie that’s funny and carnal and seriously political? It’s probably pretty well known as far as these things go just by virtue of the Criterion imprint and Carroll’s Oscar nod (along with the general black cinema boom of that period), but it’s a total joy with a lot of candor and I’d happily watch it again if it were the type of movie to play on TV a lot.




This was such a fun time!! Watched this in a small intimate theater with probably 10–15 other ppl and it was so nice to hear everyone react to funny or shocking lines. The black family is so important, I always root for love.

An astounding way for a film to end

Just stunning and incredible
Thinking lots about parallels with other films (3dp / bfap)
UK release, please!