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How Letterboxd works

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Tell us what you’ve seen

Get your Letterboxd underway by visiting our Popular section and marking a few films you’ve seen. Click the ‘eye’ on any film poster to tell us you’ve watched it (add a ‘like’ if you liked it and/or a rating). We add all watched titles to your Films tab and then we can show you reviews containing spoilers (usually hidden) and other cool stuff. If you’re Pro we compute detailed stats based on all your watched films (see below).

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Browse your watched films

Now that you’ve added some films, you can find them in the Films tab of your profile. As you add more content, your profile starts to reflect your taste. You can also browse the films of other members, or the community, with Hide watched films activated to find more great films to watch.

If you’ve previously saved film-related activity at IMDb or another service, we can help you import this, too.

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Save films to watch later

One of our most-loved features, the Watchlist, lets you keep a list of films you want to see. Start in Most Anticipated and mark a few films you want to see—use the ‘clock’ on a film or review page, or open the options menu on any poster (shown opposite). If you subsequently log or mark a film as watched, we’ll move it from your Watchlist to your Films (and add it to your Diary, if you provide a date—more on that below).

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Your account, profile and settings

Click your username (at the top of each page) for shortcuts to the main sections of your account. Your Profile, Films, Diary, Watchlist and other pages are here.

You can customize your name, location, website, bio and favorite films in Settings. We use your X / Twitter avatar if you connect your account, or a Gravatar matching the email on your profile.

Note: your profile (and any other content you publish, with the exception of private lists) is visible to others, and to search engines.

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Log a film

Log a film to tell us you watched it on a particular date, and to attach a review, rating and tags. We put all films you log with a date into your Diary, a great reference for when it comes time to compile your year-end list.

You can rate films without logging them too, either on a film or review page, or from the ‘more options’ menu on a poster.

Try logging a film now…

Activity stream

Following and activity

The best way to find members to follow is by reading reviews of films you like, to identify the voices and opinions you dig. Our Members page lists popular accounts.

As you follow more people, we create a personalized Activity stream full of reviews and recommendations from these members (and you’re bound to find new people to follow from the Likes included here). Use the Incoming tab to see who’s interacting with you, and upgrade to Pro to personalize the types of activity you see on each device.


Make and share lists

Lists are a great way to share a collection of related films, or to rank the films of your favorite genre, star, director or franchise. It’s fun to welcome suggestions for your lists from other members.

Start a list on your Lists tab, then add films on the ‘Edit’ screen (or from the ‘more options’ menu on a poster). The first time you make a list public, it’s shared with your followers.


Upgrade for stats + more!

The more films you log on Letterboxd, the more ways we have to analyze your movie-watching habits. Upgrade to a Pro or Patron account and we’ll generate all-time stats based on every film you’ve added to your profile, and annual stats for each year with at least ten films logged.

Stats include overview by week/year, highest rated decades, most watched and highest rated actors and directors, progress against milestone lists, genre, language and country breakdowns, and lots more.

Here’s what you’ll find in our main sections…

  • Homepage

    If you’re signed in, you’ll see a selection of popular films, reviews and lists from Letterboxd members. As you follow more people, we personalize this page to show what’s popular in your network.

  • Films

    This section shows which films our members are watching and reviewing the most. It’s also your starting point for browsing the whole database, by decade/year, genre, popularity, rating, streaming service and more.

  • Lists

    This section shows our most popular lists, and a selection of recently added content. From here you can create a list of your own, browse more popular lists, or browse by the tags applied to each by its creator.

  • Members

    Here you’ll find others whose content is being enjoyed most by our community. Click through to see if you like their style, or locate your real-life Facebook friends that also use Letterboxd.

More tips and tricks

Import your films

Free to all members. Create your own CSV file, or import from another service. We support these IMDb exports:

  • Ratings
  • Check-ins
  • Lists
  • Watchlists

Discover more films

Here’s a selection of our highest rated narrative feature films. The complete list of 250 is maintained by the tireless Dave Vis. How many have you seen?

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  • The Godfather
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