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In celebration of its 30th anniversary, TheCrow is coming back to big screens across the UK and Ireland from 31 May 2024 for one week only. Get more info and book now!

It's time to plug back into The Matrix, returning to cinemas across the UK and Ireland from 7 June 2024 for its 25th anniversary. Get more info and book now!

Danny Boyle’s feature debut is exhumed on the big screen from 10 May 2024, in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Get more info and book now!

Trainspotting is back on the big screen from 24 May 2024 in brand new 4K restoration – supervised by director Danny Boyle and supported by new marketing materials. Get more info and book now!

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Want to see THE MATRIX the way it was seen in 1999? Don't miss the iconic sci-fi classic showing from an original 35mm print, with the original colour grade, on Saturday 2nd March!

Step into The Matrix and celebrate 25 Years of this masterpiece!

In 1999, THE MATRIX became a sensation. From the unbounded imagination of sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the film drew inspiration from legendary films that came before it (Ghost In The Shell, Blade Runner, Akira, and…




Honestly one of the greatest movies of all time. No matter how many times I watch it I’m still sat on the edge of my seat. 

Young Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have my heart 💘




if there’s a better way to spend my birthday eve than seeing Speed at my local world of cine, then I don’t want to hear about it.

Probably one of the most unprofessional paralegal characters I’ve ever seen — which goes against the model minority stereotype — but a very likeable one (Elaine played by Lucy Sheen). A film with it’s own visual and aural flair, a very British Chinese film, or a very Chinese British film. I found it all very refreshing to see this story with these characters in this world; exploring how Asian expats embrace Western (British) life (sometimes it’s all they’ve known) even though they may struggle with their place in it.