S2 Ep 32: Joshua Caldwell

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If your film makes it to number one on Netflix, you get a re-release of your podcast episode. Congratulations to Joshua on the success of this film.

From 2023: I talk with Joshua Caldwell, director of MENDING THE LINE. We talk about making films in high school, the film school of just making films, and how he brought MENDING THE LINE to life in an industry that doesn’t fund military and veteran films.

How did he do that? What choices did he make to appeal to the widest audience? Every director who wants to film post traumatic stress scenes should listen to the care Joshua gives the topic in his film. It's a must-listen.

We talk short films, film school, crowdfunding, and what he calls live environment filmmaking.

In an uncertain environment for emerging filmmakers, he offers hard-won lessons in the trenches of independent film.

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