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Laura Mulvey presents: her selection on LaCinetek

Theorist and filmmaker Laura Mulvey - best known for her work on the notion of the male gaze - has chosen a selection of films that have made a difference to her. This exceptional carte blanche is being organised to coincide with the Close-up dedicated to her at Bozar.

Tribute to Laurent Cantet

It is with great sorrow that LaCinetek pays tribute to Laurent Cantet, who passed away yesterday, Thursday 25 April, at the age of 63. Audiences have lost a great filmmaker, LaCinetek one of its founders and, above all, a very dear friend.

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Laurent Cantet was a founding member of LaCinetek.

Laurent Cantet on Cruel Story of Youth directed by Nagisa Ōshima:

Rebecca Zlotowski on Lions Love directed by Agnès Varda:

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Albert Dupontel on Hana-bi (Fireworks) directed by Takeshi Kitano:

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